Quick question regarding loading movies into specific targets

Hi folks, hopefully this question will be pretty straightforward. I am working on a Flash site (deadline is Friday, eeek) which is set up so that the main movie has two clips: Gallery and Navigation. When someone clicks on a link to a specific gallery, I load the corresponding navigation movie into instance of “nav” and the corresponding gallery movie into instance of “gallery.”

What I am wondering is, how do I do the same thing not from the main flash movie, but from the newly loaded “navigation” movie? I am assuming that i refer to the same instance names, but do I need to reference a root layer somehow? are movies that get loaded into clips aware of the instances in the main (or “mother”) movie?

does that question make sense? hopefully it does.

I would really appreciate any info along this topic that anyone could provide. Many thanks in advance!

sorry to waste space on the forum :blush:, turns out i just had to tweak the code a bit and reference it like this:

on (release) {
loadMovie (“mech_nav.swf”, “_root.nav”);
loadMovie (“mech.swf”, “_root.gallery”);

with the “_root.” in front of the instance names - i figured it was something like that.

anyway… happy wednesday y’all!