Quick Question

I done the soundbar tutorial.

I would like to put it on a website im making, but how do i do it, do i have to start again?

I’ve tried putting it in a movie clip, importing and such…

If you are making the entire website with flash, I think you could load the .swf of the music player into an empty MovieClip. Look at “Loading movies into target: Flash MX” in the tutorial here: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/loading.htm

I see you mentioned this above but this method should work. I’m afraid I haven’t tried this yet myself so I can’t give further details.

Good luck,

It works in a way…

I press a button called sound, and then the play button appears for the soundbar.
I press the play button and it loads the thing up in the right place, but on a different frame.