Quick question!

I have seen these sites that are done completely in
flash, they’re very cool
so I wondering if these sites are basically one big ass
flashmovie or do they require other software to make.

BTW I hav mastered how to make a preloader for a movie
that contains a separate background music movie


ask me if u hav questions, I’ll try to help

Hey outlawstarxgp15,
Most of these sites use only Flash for their sites. The creators may use Swift 3D for some 3D effects and maybe an image-editing program for some images.

Are they one big Flash movie?

Most of the time, larger animations use the Load Movie command to load the SWF files from the server individually. Loading files separately helps save download time for those on slower connections. A decent size movie could comprise of several little or major animations that are stored externally and called using Load Movie.