Quick way to get a list for all the custom classes properties, methods, etc?

In my project now, I have 9 custom classes, and I expect that there’s more to come.
Having 9 own created classes makes it harder to remember all the (public) properties, methods and variables for the class (and it’s prototype). And so I wonder if there already exists an easy way to get a list of all these properties and methods? The best would be if the ActionScript editor in Flash CS3 could give me a list when I use the Ctrl+Space code hints, but maybe this is too much to ask.

If there doesn’t exists an easy way for this already, I’ll start up Delphi 2005 again (it’s been a long time since last time) and write a little program for this (which I can share with you when it’s ready, if someone would like it). But it’s useless to fix what isn’t broken (or re-invent the wheel), so I want to know if such a thing already exist at first.

It would also be beautiful if I could get a list of all the functions and variables defined in my stage frame-actions, but I doubt that I’ll be able to extract those from the FLA (the biggest problem would be to know where to read, but I see that when found, it shouldn’t be too hard to scan the code).