Quickie question

And I feel foolish for asking, bu how can I put a .gif or something into a post???

you can put a .gif, or .jpg into a post by using the img tag

(img src=“www.theURLtoYourPicture.com” height=40 width=40)

or a .SWF by using the embed tag

(embed src=“www.theURLtoYourPicture.com” height=90 width=90)(/embed)

just change the ( and ) to < and > and make sure that you upload the image onto your server.


yeah, uhm that didn’t work. :wink: I didn’t put the HT.TP because I didn’t want it to convert the dam think into an link…i was assuming that they would know…

Well, at least one of those worked, eh guys? :slight_smile:

oops… no I was using ezcode method which will do the image no matter what you put between it… I forgot.


but using the square brackets instead of the curly ones.