Quicktime in flash

Very new to flash, and I want to use it to make a quicktime movie appear inside a flash animation. it will part of a navigation for my site.

Can I put a quicktime movie in flash, and is in possible so that flash does not recompress it?

any tips would be great.


Hi Vuzz

Are you using Flash 5 or Flash MX?

using flash MX

OK. I’m assuming you’re looking for the inclusion of a .mov movie in your flash site? Then you’re in luck. MX does support import of video.

Flash will recomress your video, but you have control over the quality.

Choose import from the file menu and navigate to the folder where your quicktime movie is filed. Doubleclick the filename and you’ll be presented with a large menu of options - one of which is a quality slider. If you crank the quality to 100% you’ll get the closest thing possible to the original compression.

Careful with that… depending on your purpose, you’ll have a potential problem if the quality (i.e. bitrate) is too high on the net. Watch the other settings also - slow machines can have trouble decoding high motion, high framerate, high quality video.

There’s really no substitute for just playing with the settings and testing (and then more testing…) the output.

Good luck


do you know if that means that the person watching would no longer need the quicktime plugin, if flash recompresses?

You’re correct - the person viewing your flash site will not need the quicktime plug in once it’s part of your flash project.

ps. I understand Apple was quite upset over that fact and called in their lawyers. I haven’t kept up with the status of the whole thing.