QuickTime Problem

I’ve search for this already…

I try to export to a MOV file, but I get an error saying I need more components from QuickTime installed… Anyone know what’s up?

I’ve updated QuickTime completely.

reinstalling quicktime maybe?You sure you have the most current version?

what are you trying to do??? i can help you convert an avi into a mpg which will be viewable on various media players if youd like, as for the quictime problem never had it are you just exporting animations or are you using sript??? if youre usign script i think that may be your problem otherwise i ahve no diead sorry :-\

Nah… tried reinstalling. I bet I f00ked up QuickTime somehow…

I just need a means to get this SWF out into some other format like AVI… heh (as noted in my other thread)

Thanks for the help though… :slight_smile: