Radio button question

I have a radio button group that is called Buckle and the labels are Plastic and Metal with the data set to “plastic” and “metal”. I have it set to default to the Plastic button, but if someone clicks “Metal” I’d like it to reveal a picture (instance name “pic”) of a Metal Buckle on the stage. I’m having trouble with the code. Could someone give me any advice?

//Buckle Radio Button

//buckle function
function onChange(component) {

//get value of the Buckle group
buckle = Buckle.getValue();

//check to see if its data is metal, and if it is make the buckle visible. if not, hide it.
if (buckle=“metal”) {
setProperty(“pic”, _visible, “1”);
}else {
setProperty(“pic”, _visible, “0”);
}//end function