Radio Button that Highlight Entire row?

hey guys, can anyone of you help me… pls. :*( i have a radio button then that grows, then i have a list of names each name has a button. the names are from the database. btw, im using php…

i use javascript to highlight the <tr> when the radio button is selected… i works fine… but it only work if you define the ID on the javascript, i have alot of data on MySQL, so if i display it all, its impossible for me to add all the id on the javascript and its not the right thing to do it… i can give ID to all <tr> tags but to define it to javascript is to impossible…

Ok, now here’s my question, how can i do it in a very easiest way and also its crossbrowser (sorry for my english :slight_smile: )

[my example code:]

function clearAll(){
document.getElementById(“colorback1”).className = “bgwhitesmoke”
document.getElementById(“colorback2”).className = “bgwhitesmoke”

<tr id=“colorback1”>
<td><input name=“test” type=“radio” onClick=“clearAll();colorback1.className=‘bgwhitesmoke’” value=“1”></td>
<td>name 1</td>
<tr id=“colorback2”>
<td><input name=“test” type=“radio” onClick=“clearAll();colorback2.className” value=“2”></td>
<td>name 2</td>

And one thing, do u guys have an yahoo account??? they use checkboxes, how can i do it with radio buttons.