Radio buttons / _currentframe problem. Please Help

I made a movie clip with two custom radio button.(Take the FLA file in the attachement below)
When I press the “Continue” button, I wanted Flash to look in wich frame each one of the Radios are and then then perform a specific action depending of wich Radio is at it’s frame 2.
I did that with “_currentframe”. But when I press the “Continue” button, Flash doesn’t care about me and my action and do nothing.
I don’t want to use the “Components”
Can you please tell me what’s wrong with the action? If this is not a good way to do custom radio buttons? if the “_currentframe” property can only check the actual frame of the Root, not a movie clip or it’s just me? Can you correct this for me please.

Any help will be appreciated.

Flash told that “telltarget” as been deprecated. Can you tell me why and what action to use instead.

I know this is a little “out of the subject” butdo you know what’s
the address or Url of “My Computer”. Or if it’s not a path, what is it and can I call it using “GetUrl”?

THANK YOU. Have a nice day:esmirk: