Radio buttons in action script

Greetings Fellow Programmers :slight_smile:

I’m new here so hows everyone. Listen i need some help on something that i’m working on.

I am building a new member form for a webpage that i’m doing. They want me to do text input and radio buttons for classification of years. EG. Freshman, Sophomore, etc in flash 8

    gatherForm.visitor_LastName = contactForm.userLastName.text;
    gatherForm.visitor_name = contactForm.userName.text;
    gatherForm.visitor_email = contactForm.userEmail.text;
    gatherForm.visitor_origin = contactForm.userOrigin.text;

That is for text input and I fully got that under my belt but for radio buttons would i write the same action script if it were for text input?

    gatherForm.visitor_freshman = contactForm.userFreshman.text;
    gatherForm.visitor_sophomore = contactForm.userSophomore.text;
    gatherForm.visitor_junior = contactForm.userJunior.text;
    gatherForm.visitor_senior = contactForm.userSenior.text;

Freshman, Sophomore are my instances (in the property inspector)
Please help, Thanks.