Radio component (deselect)

Simple question I think. Just can’t seem to find the answer myself. I am using the radio component from set 1. I am only using one of them and I would like it after I select it once and then select it again, it would deselect. Right now it always stays selected. Is this possible?

I think you would have to use a checkbox for that - but I’m not sure. In HTML forms, there’s no way around it that I know of.

Does Flash have check box components? If so, where are they?

Yeah, it’s in this tutorial:

Thanks a million!!

Is there an “as” code that will select or deselect the check box for you. Basically select a button and the check will appear in the box. May seem redundant but it has its purpose.

I have tried checkBox.setValue(“true”).

The onChange function of the check box is invoked but the check does not appear.

Well I solved it the old fashion way. Just reload the the checkBox if I want the check to go away. Woks for me.


That’s how I’d do it!! Glad it worked!!