Random audio quiz with hot spot answer?

I’m an actionscript neophyte trying to do this on about 50 different lesson screens, each one with different content, but all using audio:

imagine 4 photos of animals on the stage(ie. dog, cat, lion, bird). When the user clicks a photo, the corresponding audio (bark.wav, meaow.wav, roar.wav, chirp.wav) plays…this i know how to do. Below is what i need.

When the user clicks ‘test me’, they hear a sound randomly chosen from the 4 sounds. If they click the right photo, then the user hears the next sound randomly chosen from the remaining 3 audio files which haven’t be heard yet…etc…etc. So the test gets easier through a process of elimination. If the user clicks the wrong animal, the audio repeats. The audio will repeat each time the user clicks the wrong photo. Some screens will have 6-8 photos and audio clips. Any help appreciated…