Random display letter from array


Okay I just have a quick question is it possible to randomly display letter store in array to attach MC…Meaning that…let’s say if I have value store in array like this…

var letterArray = ["n","e","w","s","p","a","p","e","r'];

then I do manage attach the mc based on the array length…with display in order like ’ n e w s p a p e r ’ but is it possible to display the letter randomly like eg; ’ p e r s w a n e p ’ and here’s are the attempt code…hope someone will give me some shed on light…


var letterArray:Array = [];

theString = "newspaper";
letterArray = this.theString.split("");
//create holder

//attach dragger to stage
for(var i=0;i<letterArray.length;i++){
    var dragger = holderdragger.attachMovie("dragger","dragger"+i,100+i);
    dragger._x = 10+dragger._width*i;
    dragger._y = 300;
	dragger.theLabel.text = letterArray*;

//attach target to stage
for(var j=0;j<letterArray.length;j++){
    var target = holdertarget.attachMovie("target","target"+j,200+j);
    target._x = 10+target._width*j;
    target._y = 100;

tq in advanced