Random Generation & removeMovieClip(); questions

I am trying out some actionscript and just learnt how to use hitTests.

First off I wanted to know how to make it so that when

instance you collides with instance small, instance you grows by 10 width and height and insance small disappears. Instace you already follows the mouse so it can collide with small like that.

With alittle help from a friend I got a true hitTesting code. :wink:

Here is the code I tried on small to make it dissappear. Theres no output errors but nothing happens on collision. Nothing.

if (this.hitTest(_root.you._x,_root.you._y-ycorrect,true)==true){
_root.you.width = _root.you.width + 10;
_root.you.height = _root.you.height + 10;
_root.small.visible = false;

Secondly random generation. I have a movieclip with the instance shape. Shape will randomly generate off screen and float about alittle on screen before drifting off at about 3pps, when shape gets so far off screen he will hit an invisible barrier and dissappear into nothingness. But I don’t know how to generate shape. Also I want more than one of shapes family to join in so I want to randomly generate his cousins too that are also called shape. They have the same properties.

Like my little story? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously I need help with this…