Random Load Error (Why does this happen!?)

Why is this happening!? On the interactive section of my page here:


I have a bunch of externally loaded swf files that are supposed to load into the black square in the middle. As you can see… some of the swfs partially load… just the text for most, and then some dont. If you click another section then click back, it loads fine and you can see what it’s supposed to look like. This doesn’t make much sense to me, considering the swf files are done on a single frame, with the text just a layer below the image… so why does a portion of the swf load but the other doesn’t and why do some and not others? I have the swfs loading using loadMovie. (example below)


This works perfectly with every other site I’ve done, and I’ve used that same setup many times on this site. Yet for whatever reason… it doesn’t work regularly.

I’m pretty much done with this site, and I’m waiting to fix this to post all of the work and there and send it out to get a designer job. This one issue is holding me up. Please help!