Random movement woes!

Hi, its me again!!!\r\rI am kicking the hell out of my computer right now, and my girlfriend is looking worried, so someone please help!!!\r\rI have followed the tutorials for the random movement, and it just wont work, no matter what I try… Is it because I am using Flash MX?\r\rA few things have happened, i have had it moving very slowly, like once every minute or something, and I’ve also had the whole lot moving, including the layer I had in front of the random circles…\r\rCan anyone help me out?

try and save the thing in Flash 5 format, it might work!,\r\rpom 0]

Ok, I will try it out and get back to you\r\r(i registered btw, thought I might as well hang around :slight_smile: )

It worked spot on!!! :smiley: Thanks a lot, i will have to remember that :smiley:

there has to be a way to make it work in Flash MX. Perhaps you were using deprecated commands?\r

that particular code will not work in MX. You have to modify it.

I dont know what I’m doing really, so I dont know what to be editing, so I just saved it as Flash 5 format, doesnt bother me :slight_smile:

The random movement doesn’t work with FlashMX… I know it works ok with Flash 5… However, the size of the export file will become bigger in Flash 5 format. Can anyone please teach me how to edit the codes, so it also will work under the Flash MX!\rThanks alot!!!

i’ve edited the original post to work in flash mx.\r\rthat’s here