Random Movie Loading in Different Layers

If anyone could help me with this I would be very greatful… here’s the problem :*( :

I want to load different movie files into one movie file randomly, all the movie files being loaded would be in the same layer, so after they are loaded, and have played, the next file would open, and so on… If anyone has any idea for a script please help me…


www.kirupa.com has a tutorial on that I think. I know Kman did a random movie loader for his site header… so at the very least he’s got the code to do it.

Take a look over there… if you can’t find anything and no one else replies, I’ll ask kirupa for the code.

Thx, but Iammontoya sent me a code, i had to work on it a little bit, but it worked…

cool… whatever gets you there. :slight_smile: Glad Pom could help… he’s a wiz