Random movies loading prob

Hi,just completed loading random movies tutorial for my rebornmag website, but unfortunately after doing it all, it didnt work.

Try everything, checked everything, all seems to be right… MOVIETARGET GOt in place within the my movie then got a new layer with the code…

filename = [“sky3.swf”, “sky1.swf”, “sky2.swf”];
path = “http://www.rebornmag.co.uk/randommovies/”; - target area
i = filename.length;
k = Math.floor(Math.random()*i);
loadMovie(path+filename[k], movieTarget);

but it just doesnt load my movies… do i need to put any actionscript on my swf(movieclips that I am trying to laod in)

Please help me, trying to finish for my degree show