Random Picture Gallery - need you


I need help for this script. I would like to create a random picture slideshow.
It work fine but now i need to create a preloading before the next image.

Here is the code, some one can tell me how to make this preloader ?

Thankyou very much!!

iimport mx.transitions.Tween;
import mx.transitions.easing.*;

//create an array for all externally loaded images
var images:String = “001.jpg 002.jpg 003.jpg 004.jpg”;
var imagesArray:Array = new Array();
imagesArray = this.images.split(" ");

//choose a random image from that array
randomImage = Math.floor(Math.random() * imagesArray.length);
image_value = imagesArray[randomImage];

//create an empty movieclip where to load the images
var container:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip(“container”, this.getNextHighestDepth());
container._x = 0;
container._y = 0;

//load the first image
var imageFadeIn:Tween = new Tween(container, “_alpha”, Regular.easeOut, 0, 100, 1, true);

//a function to load the randomly selected image to a container movieclip and creating the fade ins and outs

function loadRandomImages() {

randomImage = Math.floor(Math.random()*imagesArray.length);
image_value = "images/"+imagesArray[randomImage];
var imageFadeOut:Tween = new Tween(container, "_alpha", Regular.easeOut, 100, 100, 1, true);
imageFadeOut.onMotionFinished = function() {
    var imageFadeIn:Tween = new Tween(container, "_alpha", Regular.easeOut, 0, 100, 2, true);



//use setInterval to call the function every five seconds
my_interval = setInterval(loadRandomImages, 5000);