Random sounds with action script

Okay, I am relatively new to flash and action script, but I am doing sound for a band wesite. The loops have all been prepared to work with each other without delays etc, and I need them to randomly assemble themselves when the page loads. I have been told that the best way to do this is through a multi level array (never used one before.) In any case, below you will find the files and what they are called and how they should be assembled. The file names can be changed and I know how to rename them throught the linkage function for the array. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I will post a link to the final page when it is all done. The more detailed your reply, the better it is. Note the files are all wav files.


Start of page - plays file called “intro”
Then plays “base” 1x

Then can pick from - (a) “guitar fade chords”…which goes to - “guitar shred” Or “base”

                         Or - (b) "chill birds"………….which goes to  -                              "chill  birds and tuba"           Then "full   orchestra"         or  back to "base"

                         Or  (c) "Wurlitzer fade"……….which goes  to "male speech with break"  Or "weird jazz"
                                           Or "female voice"
                                           Or "male talking"

                         Or  (d) "just music"…………….which goes to "just  
                                      drums"     Or "no drums"

The following are totally random and can appear whenever
Breaks…broken tape, 4/4,

*also note that file names are arbitrary and can be changed for an array if neccessary. Each file can play as many times as is randomly generated. i.e. if it happens that the base plays three times in a row, then so be it.