Random type with effects

Little effect I’ve been toying with. Create a string, “*”'s represent linebreaks.

Customizable through the settings, speed, postion etc.

Added the MX version.

Nice Eilsoe :). It looks sort of cryptic. Well what you have doesn’t but it could be easily adapted to. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense :lol:

Overall, it looks great! :thumb:

ps: Could you post the fla in MX format so I can tinker around with it? :smiley:

eilsoe - that has some awesome potential. I am getting right into text effects, so I’m sure I will find a great use for your codebase. well done indeed.
**Edit to Post
I made a minor change(basic) to the effect:
deleted the blur layer and re-tweened the text layer using Filters - started with zero alpha -->x,y blur@10 —>glow(blue)@20 —>x blur@10 —>no effect.
It achieves a similar effect to the original, but adss that extra bit, i think… but hey, its just an effect, the source is still the thing that makes it cool :ne:
my version:
view swf
download source - flash8 of course

as said, the effect is completely customizable :slight_smile:

Freeskier: The code is merely a rough (as I always work that way), and was intended as an added effect in an image gallery I’m currently working on for work. I’ve just released it now so people can have the basics to work with. Also, the methods are pretty basic, so most people can understand it, and more advanced users can improve if they feel like it.

I just provided the grounds for advancement. :slight_smile:

u got me thinking now! :sen:
I wonder if i can populate the string line with text from a database.
What I’m thinking is this: use php to create a random output of arrayed phrases from a database. I thought this method would be best because i could update the phrases from ‘outside’ flash…hmmm, going to have to do some playing i think. ill get back to u

Or use an xml list and make flash randomly pick one out. The version I have in the gallery loads the string from an xml settings file…