Randomly loading mc from library, and attaching random movie to it

Hi guys

Basically, I have movie1, movie2, movie3, movie4 in the library, with linkages.

These are just 5 frame clips, with a single dummy_mc moving statically over the 4 frames.

I need these to be picked randomly and placed (each has its own set of co-ordinates where it should appear) on the stage at a random set interval (ie, every 2-3 seconds).

There are also 7 items (item1, item2, etc) in the library.

So once one of the 4 movies has been placed on the stage, I need one of these 7 items to randomly attach itself to the dummy_mc within that movie (and, I guess, generate instance names etc)

Would greatly appreciate any light someone can shed, i’ve been playing with some code, but to no avail.