Rant: I hate HAIRCUTS!

[r]ARG! I am so mad - i had my log beautiful hair just hte way i liked it - all i needed as a bit of a trin to not make it so messy. My mom and I both told the hair dresser how i wanted it, and she does it the exact opposite. My hair is short and now “i loooook like a priiiince” which is stupid because i absoultly hate it. Why do hairdressers always have to do things that you dont ask them to do?

I am just so mad…[/r]

Haha, i know how you feel, I had to get a haircut… and the stylist was aggressive… rubs head ouchies!


Yep… I’m growing my hair long to… :slight_smile: It’s awesome… :stuck_out_tongue:

Srry M8…

You went for a haircut and you didn’t consult me first???

See that’s what happens…

Psss - Ethan would’ve put a bowl over your head.


I know exactly the feeling! Happens to me pretty much all the time, seriously!

hey ethan, maybe you can answer this for me:

how do i thin out my hair? it’s ridiculously thick and I want it to flow in the wind (trying to impress this girl, you see…)?

Please respond via PM.

Thanks. :wink:

that’s why i cut my own hair.

:sure: With a bowl on your head ;P?

Thor you got PM.

If you want the simple short of the side, cropped on top then I would just recommend going to a barber or Supercuts. If you are trying to acheive a new look or growing your hair out I would suggest going to Tony & Guy’s. They are a chain like supercuts but run more of a salon than a production line of haircuts. The price is a little bit more expensive, but your hair is something you wear everyday.


just my 2 cents.

just freehand w/a pair of clippers. it’s pretty easy if you keep your hair relatively short. been doing it for about 4 years. one time investment of $15.

Same thing happens to me every time. I don’t think barbers can even comtemplate why we would possibly want long hair. Either that or they only know how to cut hair short.

Its starting to grow on me…we will see howi like it.

flips long hair :love:

I tend to try and find the crappiest and ghettoest places, they seem to always cut hair the best. :puzzled:

tis funny - been four years since my last cut

Hey as long as it works right :)?