[RANT] Talib Kweli Turns Ahole?

So he goes on MTV, and the interviewer(forgetname) asks him about him not being successful in the commercial hiphop scene.

So he decides to say something to the effect:

back in the day, rap nerds and some critics, gave me some shine when I was starting out

Rap nerds? He used to be my favorite rapper back then, I guess I fall into the class of “Rap Nerds”?

Why diss your inital fan base, when without them, you wouldn’t even be on MTV?

Why am I mad? Because when none even knew who he was, I was buying his CD’s etc. He was always talking about how great it is that people support him when he was nothing. Now he calls those same people Rap Nerds.

pfft… Guess another person whom I will never support again. Out of all the words he could have used to describe his old fans, backpackers, underground heads, etc… he chooses to make them look silly.

I’ve heard too many stories of this guy being an ahole lately, i guess the money and fame got to his head.