RANT: Where's the autosave?!

Seriously. With the price they charge for software programs these days you think they could take the time to add in a f-ing auto save feature. I got in the groove tonight writing a business plan and 5 pages and 2 hours later I try to use one of the **** features and it says “oops, I just shat myself and now I’m going to close and lose all your work. my bad.”

Oh I am so pissed.

Yep, I can totally understand that. I experienced quite the same writing my masters thesis.
From that point of time on I saved every ten minutes.
Ctr+S became my best friend :slight_smile:

Yeah when writing code I have just a built in response to hit those keys every minute or so as I’ve lost tons of code in the past. I haven’t sat down to do technical writing like this in a while and this frickin program that’s supposed to help with formatting just helped me format a bottle of red wine, now I got to take 2 deep breaths and re-write this mamma jamma.


Thats the worst man. I use Office 2002 at work and it has to be the buggiest set of applications I have ever used.

You would think I would hit CTRL + S every minute or so but never do. Word always says “oops, I just shat myself and now I’m going to close and lose all your work. my bad.”

BTW…that was the best error message explanation I have ever heard I am going to try to hack the Word shell on my machine to get it to say that

I use ctrl+s all the time… it’s like a reflex or something… every time i change something in flash or somewhere and wanna test it… ctrl+s… oh there’s a typo… correction… ctrl+s

I even press ctrl+s accidentally when I’m managin my files with windows explorer and stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, not so long ago, pressing Ctrl + S used to cause Word to crash :-/ Not very convenient.

I remember one time I pressed CTRL+S to save only to be told the file I’d been making changes to foran hour was Read Only. I thought “If it’s Read Only then how come I’ve been changing it for an hour…odd”, anyway I clicked cancel for the save as and the bloody thing crashed.

Thanks Gates, burn in hell :evil:


Just don’t get drunk. What would be better than submitting a business plan written while you were drunk?

‘Do you have the business plan?’
‘Yep, right here. Here ya go Mr. Boss-man-sir.’

I ony CTRL-S in Flash, and I do it very often. What sad is Flash is just about the only program I have not to crash on me. Max does it all the time, and Windows restarts the computer automatically.

I use Save As for some reason. If you look at any folder where I am saving either in Flash or Word, you will probably see 5 or 6 copies of the file with a slightly different number in the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Flash does crash. The only thing that doesn’t crash on a Windows machine is the minesweeper.

Not quite the same thing, but one time I had almost finished a game of SW:KOTOR on my PC, and I was right at the part before fighting Malik, when my PC died. :frowning: From then on, I save everytime I turn a corner.

My computer almost never crashes. :h: Well, now that I have XP I find it crashing a little, but aside from the occasional incident I don’t usually have to use ctrl+s ever.

Ctrl+z, on the other hand, I use sometimes when I’m away from the computer! (well, I try)

Note: It wasn’t my computer that crashed, just the program I was using.