Ray of Light

Hello out there, Im looking for a Ray of Light tutorial for Flash MX but cant seem to find one anywhere :-\ So, if anyone out there has some spare time on their hands, can you please send a detailed email on how to create the “Ray of Light” effect to my email: [email protected] I would highly appreciate this. Thank you.


Sure it is for Flash 5, but there is no genius actionscripting going on that makes it uncompatible in Flash MX.

It is mostly tweens.

The only difference in MX on that tutorial is that you MUST break the text apart twice, not once. In MX the first time you break apart text it breaks it down to individual letters which are still fonts, the rayoflight requires you to break them apart to the point where they are fills, hence in MX you have to break them twice.

Any additional help needed, just ask here, I’m sure we can work through any minor problems you might have.

Hmmm… I did not know that was different in Flash 5. Thanks david :slight_smile:

Me neither. Thanks for the tip. :slight_smile: