Re-brand, new website check

Hey folks

Many thanks to those of you who gave me some feedback on my new logo and stationery. This time it’s the website that I would like you guys to have a good look at.

The site is not finished yet but I think I have put enough in for you guys to know where I am going with it. I want the site to look impressive to possible clients but I don’t think that hardend flash gurus will find anything spectacular about it.

I have still got 50% of the sections still to do and many tweeks here and there, including logo on each page and many spelling errors that will be sorted. Please just ignore the spelling and grammer as this will be adjusted before going live.

The photography will be changed for my own (at present they are copyright free images). As soon as I take pics that I feel look good in the various sections I will change them.

Please try to think in a customers frame of mind. Somebody who is looking for some artwork to be created. Clients will hopefully range from new startup companies, so I can’t look too expensive to large businesses, so I can’t look too cheap!! I think I have hit the nail on the head but I can’t wait to see what you guys have to say.

Test Site is here:

Cheers folks and I look forward to your comments.