Re: dynamic text from mysql is not displaying all records?

HI I have a problem of not being able to display all the database records in my dynamic text field in flash mx 2004.

It displays one records only. I have set the properties in the dynamic text field to work as “multiline” accepts HTML and the variable in the php script are like this: <? print “&theText=$manu_links”; ?>
The dynamic text field is named in teh variable area as : " theText "

I click on a button to display the database manufacturers in a list according to what letter you press.


Here is an example of what I want to do and how it works as of now:

Just press on the small square to the left and the display will display only one record out of 70 or so in the “A” category.

My actionscript is like this:
on the button action:

ActionScript for button:

on (release) {
theText.htmlText = “<b>”+this.manufact+"</b>";
} else trace(“Error loading data”)

  1. Click button - it goes to php script that queries and displays the manufacturers in the “A” category using “letter=A” in the URL when clicked.

  2. the dynamic text field is nested inside the movie clip.

Movie clip(Instance Name): “the_main”
Dynamic Text field is named in the “Var” input box as: “theText”

I just want it to display ALL the records for “A” NOT just one record like it has now…

Can anyone help me, thanks in advance…
take care,