Re-initialising onEnterFrame after deleting onEnterFrame

Hello to all the actionscript guru’s!

I have this thing where when I click this other thing which is controlled by a different thing which gets deleted after I click the other thing and I would like to know if I can sort of undelete the different things thing??? :devious:

Okay, now in English.

I have some movieclips that move using an onEnterFrame. When you click on a movieclip, I stop the movement by deleting the onEnterFrame. Is there a way to re-initialise the onEnterFrame to get the movieclips moving again?

A thanks in advance for everyone who reads this question

Ahhh yeah, that little bit of code worked fine. Thanks for that!

Out of curiosity, what does the [COLOR=blue]Void[/COLOR] after the function name do?

Void is the return type of the function. It signifies that the function doesn’t return anything. In AS1/AS2, that doesn’t really do much for you except for help with error checking, but it’s probably not a bad habit to get into.