React: No Elements Displayed (Вопрос по Реакт)

Why does not display styles in the browser, also does not display elements.

Does the DevTools Console show any errors when you preview in the browser?

Consider adding an error boundary to your tree to customize error handling behavior.
Visit to learn more about error boundaries.
logCapturedError @ react-dom.development.js:18687
update.callback @ react-dom.development.js:18720
callCallback @ react-dom.development.js:13923
commitUpdateQueue @ react-dom.development.js:13944
commitLayoutEffectOnFiber @ react-dom.development.js:23391
commitLayoutMountEffects_complete @ react-dom.development.js:24688
commitLayoutEffects_begin @ react-dom.development.js:24674
commitLayoutEffects @ react-dom.development.js:24612
commitRootImpl @ react-dom.development.js:26823
commitRoot @ react-dom.development.js:26682
finishConcurrentRender @ react-dom.development.js:25892
performConcurrentWorkOnRoot @ react-dom.development.js:25809
workLoop @ scheduler.development.js:266
flushWork @ scheduler.development.js:239
performWorkUntilDeadline @ scheduler.development.js:533
react-dom.development.js:28439 Uncaught Error: Element type is invalid: expected a string (for built-in components) or a class/function (for composite components) but got: object. You likely forgot to export your component from the file it’s defined in, or you might have mixed up default and named imports.

Check the render method of App.
at createFiberFromTypeAndProps (react-dom.development.js:28439:1)

This seems like the likely culprit. Can you upload your project source to somewhere like Github or Codepen and we can take a look?

Hello, I don’t understand how to add files to codepen or github, for me it’s very difficult and I don’t understand anything, I can upload files to your site to view the code.

Are you following a tutorial? If so, can you share the link to it?

One thing that looks off is your import statement for Clicker in App.js. I don’t think you want to import the CSS file for that.

NO, I don’t understand github, I can send files here, but I didn’t understand your answer, what’s the problem?

How are you getting the instructions for building the app? Are you reading a tutorial? That’s what I’m asking. Nothing to do with Github :slight_smile:

Also, you missed the important part from my earlier response:

Я пишу код по видео,я разобрался в чем была проблема,проблема была в папках путь надо было прописать вот так import ‘./clicker/clicker.css’;и все заработало.
Вашу информацию я не пропустил,я просто не понял что вы имели ввиду.

Glad you solved it. Please do translate into English before posting on the forums :slight_smile:

Download the React DevTools for a better development experience:
react.development.js:313 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting ‘props’)
at Component (react.development.js:313:1)
at ./src/components/app/App.js (App.js:5:1)
at options.factory (react refresh:6:1)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:24:1)
at fn (hot module replacement:62:1)
at ./src/index.js (person.js:32:1)
at options.factory (react refresh:6:1)
at webpack_require (bootstrap:24:1)
at startup:7:1
at startup:7:1
Component @ react.development.js:313
./src/components/app/App.js @ App.js:5
options.factory @ react refresh:6
webpack_require @ bootstrap:24
fn @ hot module replacement:62
./src/index.js @ person.js:32
options.factory @ react refresh:6
webpack_require @ bootstrap:24
(anonymous) @ startup:7
(anonymous) @ startup:7

I have a problem again, does not display elements in the browser in response

Cool I like it !1