Reading local directory structures

eve’nin all!

i was wondering as to flash’s potential to read hard drive directory structures,

ie, if one wanted to load a selection of images from different catagories at a button press, lets say “bears” and “monkeys” for now, each of these types of images could be kept in a different local subdirectory of the app, ie monkey pictures in \monkeys and bear pictures \bears, and a button could change a variable to the appropirate string for the directory-ie if you press the monkey button it changes the path to look for images to \monkeys (and loads in all the images in that directory, with a loop to increment for each filename, and a if load successful then carry on type function) .

Now if i wanted to add a new catagory of images, say “salmon”, then i could create a new directory called “salmon” and fill it with pictures of salmon. :trout:

it would be cool to forge an application that would know if another directory has been added and then search this directory :rd:

The only way i think of to do this involves a text box where users can type in a new directory name, and then append this name to an array that contains the directories to search in. This array could be saved to a shared object, so that from then on the application would then search the newly added “salmon” directory for images. This method should work fine… however it would be nice (though very much wishful thinking) if you could just add a new sub directory and the flash app would recognise this.

does anyone have any alternate suggestions or has anyone ever done this and thinks that the above method is ludicrous and foolish?

if so please lemme know
cheers nj