Ready to go

Hello everyone. I just finished my first web site in Flash and would like to put it on the net. I haven’t the slightest idea how to do this because I am still sooo new to this stuff. I cant grasp some of the tutorials cause I cant follow some of the lingo. If someone could give me a laymans version it would be great. I currently have a temporary page holding my address.
Tripod offered no help so here I am. Thanx in advance.

you will need Smart FTP to upload all of your files.

O.K. Now what is smart ftp, what does it do, where do I get it, how do I use it, etc. Like I said I’m a newbie. I dont know anything about web design. I’m just an artist who taught himself enough Flash MX to put together what I needed. I’m trying to learn more which is why I need people like yourself to ease me into this. So could you be a little more specific in a laymans sort of way? Thank you.

try searchin on tripod when you log on your account for some sort of file manager that tripod uses if not email tripods customer service and ask them if they have a ftp upload so you can store you websites files on the server