Real Funky Revese/Negative Masking Technique at

hey guys, goto the site, to know what i’m talking about, put in ur birthdate, click enter, and then click on “ONLINE MIXER”.

I’m trying to recreate that effect where you roll over one of the dark menu options(HIP HOP) and then the dark area, becomes to light with a glow bubble stretching across the menu frame but i’m having trouble figuring out something like that.

I’ve seen it done on numerous sites but I’m having trouble recreating the effect.

any ideas?

can you put links to some of the other sites with this effect? says “Service Unavailble” - I guess happy hour is over.

seems to be working fine. ?

Thats a simple mask my friend. What exactly are you having problems with?

you’re absolutely right and i hate when i waste time fiddling around with easy concepts. 2 days looking at this and at first i was sure it was drawing API dynamically masking it but now I see that it’s cutouts that’s hidden and a mask is being used to show the image.

um – right? just an oval shape that expands to display the cutouts?