[real random] Need car help/advice

As some of you guys know I have a most beloved '67 mustang. (and I know there is a car enthusiast out there). Well I just happened into a fully rebuilt and supercharged cobra engine with gt40 heads, gear drive and a bunch of extras. And I want to put this engine in my 67 and not my 89 5.0. It uses the standard 302 block basically (same as my 67), but it is fuel injected and of course my car is carbuerated at this point. My questions are 1. Is there a way to convert my car to fuel injection? I am thinking I would have to change the wire harness, but I am not sure. 2. Does anyone know of a (real) good mustang forum that I may ask this question in the event no one here has any idea?

The idea of blending my old school stang with new school performance parts sounds tasty.