Really dumb simple question i can't figure :(

i’m really new at photoshop and i can’t figure how to change the background picture!!! its really annoying me i tried the photoshop help thing but its soo useless because you won’t understand if you’re a newbie like mee!

so could someone plz help me thx

Could you clarify a little bit more? What do you mean you want to change the background picture, do you have an image already that you want to change it’s background?

o whoops yea that was my fault i meant just the background without anything but i sorta got that fixed by making a new thing…it would be good if you knew a faster way though…thx

If I understand you correctly, it sounds like you’re trying to erase a background of an image. If that’s the case then theres several methods you could go about.

  1. Use the eraser tool, which is probably the easiest method, but it’s also very sloppy.

  2. Use the magnetic tool to trace around the area you want to erase, once again this could be very sloppy.

  3. Create a clipping path using the pen tool. You use the pen tool and draw around the area you want to delete then click on the “path” tab on your palettes and select the button with the dotted ring at the bottom of the “path” palette. That will change the clipping path to a selection and all you’ll have to do is hit backspace to erase it.

I use the 3rd method a lot since I’ve been using photoshop for awhile now, but you can use which ever you feel is easiest. Hope that helps. =)

hmm alrite i’ve got that now and i’m stuck on another part…
how would you add a light effect? so like say a light comming in from the left and so that would mean the picture is brighter on the left than the right…
is that easy to do? i also want to be able to change the intensity of this…thx :slight_smile:

To add a light source you can go to “filter” > “render” > “lighting effects”. That could be a little tricky so you’ll have to play with the numbers to get what you want and be sure to select the layer you want to apply the effect on in the drop down menu that appears after you select lighting effect.

To change the intensity you can do it either by going to “image” > “adjustments” > “brightness/contrast” and use the sliders to adjust the brightness or contrast. You can also just hit Ctrl L and it will bring up a menu with sliders you can experitment with and it should have the same effect.

ah yea i got it i’ll play around with it for a while thx for the fast replies and everythin merry christmas <:}

no problem, merry christmas to you too. =)