Really easy question


I have made a flash movie that loads different swf into a movie clip. As always, I didn’t think ahead and didn’t put in preloaders. I have made my preloader in a different fla/swf. Is there and easy way to load this seperate fla into a diffent scene so I don’t have to cut and paste every frame and layer one at a time?
If not, I’ll be doing a lot of cutting and pasting, I guess.


What’s preventing you from loading the preloader into the presumably blank mc then having the preloader call the external .swf into itself (i.e. the blank mc)?


Good idea!

I’ll try that!

Okay, I tried it. I couldn’t figure it out. Now, how do I connect the new swf to the preloader so it can read

Alright, look at that statement:


Now, logically, what does that mean? Get the total bytes FROM the root (so whatever you’re main .swf is). You don’t want that, now do you. You want the total bytes loaded from where ever you are loading the external .swf into (the movie clip), right? So, find the instance name (I usually use blank) and, if you don’t have one give it one, try…

//root -> movie clip instance -> function


p.s. you can also check out for preloader code that works.

Now I’m even more lost than I was before. can’t I put a preloader on each individual swf that needs to be loaded so the preloader will appear where the movie is going to (in the MC).

My preloader code and everything works fine. I can tell for sure becuase I hit Ctrl+Enter twice and see the preloader working. When I hit the button to load the new movie, I don’t see it in the MC. Hmm.

I tried _root.entermovie.getBytesLoaded(); and it did nothing different. Now that’s with the preloader in the incoming swf. Is the preloader code in the wrong spot?

Any help will help…:hangover:

Mind posting your fla?


Okay - The first one ‘dl’ is the main movie that is supposed to load. It has its own preloader. The second one ‘lamp.swf’ which also has its own preloader.

The first button on the menu will load up ‘lamp.swf’ into MC ‘entermovie’. Good luck - thanks for the help!


Here are the two above from the net (w/o HTML):