Really need help fast! (preloading images)

I made a website with slideshows, the pic’s in the slideshows are loaded external. With a fast internet connection that works fine. But I get reactions from people with a dial-up that they can’t see the pic’s. The only thing I need is a way to preload all images so that the slideshow works smoothly. Is there a way of doing this using a loadbar ( not necessary, just as an extra :wink: ). I need to have this sorted out within 3 hours.

Is there way to do this?
Thnx in advance

the pic’s in the slideshows are loaded external.

how did you do that?

I combined this tute:
with some experimenting with intervals

where do you load you pics into, a level? or into a mc? and is your slideshow an extern .swf loaded in the main movie with the tutorial method? because if you use external .swf for your slideshow it’s easier to preload them…

it is in a mc, but using an external swf would work the same so, I wondered how I could preload all pic in one time.So that when loaded into the slideshow they are loaded faster. Because they are already loaded.

i’m sorry i think i’m not that advanced yet… ;( though i think its possible. but i don’t know how

no problemo :wink:

not sure how you have set up your movie butHave a look at this and see if it is any use to you
basically it loads the movies in order and then changes the order if a user clicks a link.(all the text and big file for testing purposes only)
you could preload a few images at the start and then continue loading the rest as the viewer was browsing.

was thinking about doing that and then suddenly i came to the conclusion it were over 50 pic’s. I was hoping there was a way I just entered their names and flash would preload them all together. But thnx Stringy

if you have labelled the movies numerically it should be quite easy to set up