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How do I add a variable name to the tick boxes within the flash MX components?

Can you give an example, I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

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Im creating a form. On the form I have a number of ‘input text’ boxes, and at the bottom I can assign these text boxes a variable, that can then be picked up by a “cgi bin thingie” (which i didnt design). (this works fine).

My “cgi bin thingie” designer is now wanting to know how to put a variable on a tick box in flash. I used the components that come with flash, but the properties box at the bottom doesnt give the option to assign a variable…


any ideas?



Try this I did for someone here - it traces “checked” but instead of tracing check you can change the code to assign a variable

You can also look at the tutorials here, there’s one about creating a whole form, and there’s something about checkboxes.

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to assign a variable i use:

set (); ?

Im sure ive seen an assignVariable bit of code before… but i cant seem to find it in the boxes.

actually you can just name the variable, place an equal sign and then whatever you want it set to.


myVariable=“this string of characters”;

function checked() {
if (checkBox.getValue()) {
theVariable = whatever // <--- store a variable when checked

thanks guys. :slight_smile:

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