Really really really DUMB question

uh sorry all…but I have a stupid question.

I want to launch my carefully crafted 704 x 400 pixel SWF file in its own window (without any superfulous details such as scroll bars etc) when someone clicks on any part of the image on this entry page.

What java code do I put around my image on this front page to launch my SWF in its own window?



in it’s own html page? just make the link target _self?

in a bordless window? Check out the tutorial and posts and this site.

I agree with montoya. but dont use an HTML page cause its more work to make it without the nav. bar and scroll bar. just use a boarderless window.

are you saying that you want something like my unfinished site?..

just click on the girl and the window will pop up. of course the window that opens will contain your SWF file rather than a table of images. if this is what you’re looking for let me know and i’ll hook you up with the code. then again you could always just copy it from my site if you want.


no she means anywhere on the page

she means any where on the image she provides on the page. Not anywhere on the page. Either way it is a simple java code that deeplybreathe was so nice as to supply.

chromeless looks nice too:

its easy to setup as well


ah, sorry i didnt read the question right, yes go with boarderless.