Recalling button states after navigating to another page?

I’m fairly new to flash, and have used lots of great tutorials on this site and through the Flash Help to get a prototype interface built and working. Thanks for that :wink:

I’ve now hit a ‘wall’ and don’t really know how to progress. I have a number of buttons on one page which have been converted to MC’s to allow them to retain a state (locked or unlocked). This far is fine, but what I’d really like to do is create some kind of memory so that when the user navigates away from this page / frame and back again, Flash recalls the state of each button as they were. Currently, when I return to this page, the buttons are reset to their default display states.

The following task is closely linked; I hope that by creating a ‘cache’ of the button states, I am able to have a symbol displayed on another page to show if the user has set a particular function to be locked or unlocked. I can find out how to do this when everything is on the same page; but I’ve no idea how a button can create an action on a different page / frame that is not seen until the user navigates to said page.

I hope these 2 problems make sense, and thanks for taking the time to read this.