Recognize this Site?

Someone a while back helped with a problem by making and sending a flash movie to me; I just did a serch at Google and found my name come up now to this site that is called;


And guess what? My name is on that page, like a dedication. It was made for the flash movie but I think it would be nice if whoever it was that helped me back yonder might remove this webpage, or at least change the name of the file to; big white guy who laughs in your face. Whaddya think?


Who did that then? comeon!

I dunno. I thawt it was pretty phunny, but still would like to see whoever made it go away. For the webcrawlers have phound that page. It might have been Brian, Im not sure. But even if they would change the name of the file from gaywhitecowboy to bigwhiteguywholaughsinyourface would be an improvement.


Hey you’ll be on the news next! :slight_smile:

I can see the Headlines now, the humble start of a small Internet rumor

** Bush, rides Gay Pink Cowboy, Phil Jayhan with Prime Minister Blair at his Texas Ranch while wrestling with Aids related ‘issues’**


ROFL! E-mails his contacts at CNN, Fox News, and The National Enquirer.


[ put Bill O’Reilly on hold to type this message ]

my mates burnin me a pirate vcd as we speak! he reckons you got blair squelllling like a pig :slight_smile: you’ve gotta start charging phil…

This just in from FOX NEWS, here we are with Geraldo Rivero on the scene at the Bush Ranch in Texas:

Geraldo: Apparently there is a flap going on here at the ranch, first of all Jerry Falwell has condemned what he called lewd and lascivious acts by the President and another Foreign Leader, Mr. Blair. We are still waiting for confirmation of the story that Bush rode Phil Jayhan, a member of the militant left wing Gay Pink Cowboys, claimed responsible for the recent bombings of in-vitro fertilitiy clinics for the Hetrosexual community. Back to you Gretta;

Gretta: So, as of now there is neither confirmation nor denial of this story from the Bush Administration?


Geraldo: Thats right Gretta, it’s cold here but we are still awaiting to hear from the Bush Administration on these latest charges or allegations and let me say here Gretta, that this story is as of now, yet unconfirmed, for all we know it started out in some chat room on the Internet. We’l keep you informed of any developments. Back to you Gretta;

I wonder whats going to happen when this news hits europe? :lol:

I never said a word :wink: tehe, I just want to know who made the thing in the first place… someone knows and they’re probably laughing their ass of as we speak!

A name will surface soon, be vigilant people :wink:

PS have you told your folks yet phil?.. and grow a moustache, you’ll fit the bill then

simon check mail:)

I could tell phil likes his icecream ;

Sorry that was in poor taste. I was gonna say he takes it up the hagen dass :wink: sorry phil

No hard feelings here. Im the king of bad taste. 8o


Phil when you say, “hard feelings” and “bad taste” you’d better not be refering to gaypinkcowboy stuff :wink: ? man you walked into that… ignore me it made me laugh.
Cheers Phil.

Thats kind of funny because I wasn’t even thinking that when I wrote it. But can see how someone could easily read that into it, especially someone not so generally pure as myself. Hmmmm. Doh!

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Sorry Phil :wink: