Rectangle w/rounded corners

I am having a major problem creating a rectangle with acceptable rounded corners. The rectangle needs to be 100 x 15 px with a 2 pt stroke. The corner radius can be 1 or 2 px …1 would be perfect, but 2 is OK. I can make it look decent if I make the rectangle 14px or 16px high, but not 15. It just looks like crap. I tried using Illustrator to create the rectangle and of course Illustrator makes a next to perfect object, but when I either import the object as a swf or copy and paste the object into flash, the corners get all messed up! I am at a loss here. I realize Flash isnt the greatest drawing tool in the world, but this shouldn’t be an issue. An issue it is, because I am working from a clients comp which must be exact.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… thanks!

if you have illustrator then make your page size the size of your flash movie in px
draw the rectangle and then use “save for web” and save it as a SWF file

now import that file into Flash and it should work