Rectangular symbol becomes antialiased

I’m trying to make a simple horizontal band that goes across the width of the movie. I make a symbol, draw a long rectangle, and it looks fine. But when I put it on scene1, it gets antialiased. The crisp lines become muddy.

How is this happening? It is not being rotated at all, it’s a simple rectangle. If I zoom in, it is no longer antialiased–it’s clean. But at 100% it’s totally obvious that there’s antialiasing going on. I’ve tried all different ways of making it–drawing a rectangle, drawing fat pencil strokes, importing a swf of a simple bar created in Illustrator. Nothing works.

Please help, I’ve spent way too much time on something that should be simple for a vector program.

and when you export/publish?

I just made an observation:
If the Y value of the symbol that is 22px high is not a whole number, it becomes antialiased.

So Y=68 is fine, Y=67.7 not fine.


The symbol that is 22.4px high is just the opposite. If it is placed on y=68, it becomes antialiased.

Tweaking the numbers and heights I can get them to match up pretty well, without any fuzziness. But what a pain… Is there anything that can be done? Stick to grid maybe?

I always set sizes and position to full pixel values, avoids all pbs. Worse for (bitmap)fonts, check the usage recommendations for this: