|reductionistic 3d in Flash. |

A made this as a test animation. please tell me what you guys think. | vts330.tripod.com/3d.htm |

I also made this kewl wall paper for Popedeflash.com i would also like your opinions.

| vts330.tripod.com/wallpaper.htm |

Thanx :slight_smile:

Well I love the reductionist stuff. the wall paper is ok too, but not nearly as cool.

Thanx, hehe i just wanted to create something new. 3d in flash was getting boring…i feel this type of 3d has more life.

like the banner says:

Hey VTS,
The movie looks really cool and the the background looks good as well. I hope you win the wallpaper contest that Pope The Flash. I’m really intrigued by your 3DsMax example in Flash. I am going to rebuild my old Swift 3D tutorials and merge it with the current Flash sections with some new stuff that I figured out.

sounds good. hehehe