Referencing visable/selected images to ASP + Access

Hello Kirupa!
virgin poster here…:afro: but i frequent the forums and tutorials almost daily. been having a look round and no luck…

any ideas on this one…
Im developing a touch screen interface…it is to run on asp/access local server

Im tossing up the idea of using flash/asp or straight html/asp. Preferably flash as it is localhost and i love the added interactivity.

the interface:
essentially a user will select(on release) an image from a group of images (radio button functionality), that image will then need to be referenced as “selected” (i guess asp or actionscript)
a number of images from groups will need to be selected.
the user details will be entered
this then all needs to be stored in an access db

the question:
Any idea on how you would reference a selected image in flash to work with asp and to be stored in access.

sorry im a php junky. anyone have any ideas on how to go about this?

yours, puzzled in asp…:cyclops:

Im looking at a good advanced form tut at:

i like the title tick box and am looking to possibly modify this to incorporate images loaded (if possible) from asp access?

HELLLOOOOOO… theres an echo in here,

Ive figured it out… i think… rather simple really - used the “title” input box previously mentioned - manipulated to the nth degree. Then found a wicked little keypad

buttons with:
on (release)
if (Number(length(telephone))<10) {
telephone = telephone add “1”

this would be for the number 1 on the keypad, 10 been the maximum amount of digits
telephone is a dynamic text box which has the var: telephone

I then applied this to a keyboard with @ and . for emails.

finally a simple getURL (to test) to a processform.asp page

thus collecting all input box values. and inseting them into a table.

from here anything can be done.