Refresh problem

Hi, I have a problem with my flash site not refreshing and was wondering if someone could help. Whenever I update my site and then check to see if it has updated using my browser it always shows the last version and not my updates, even if I delete all of the files on my server and then replace them. I’ve tried clearing my browser (internet explorer 6) cache and trying to force it to load the newest version using ctrl refresh but still no luck. Only if I go to the individual files themselves, through my browser, and refesh each individually does it refresh. Is this a problem with my server, browser, flash player 6 maybe. It’s really frustrating.



Click on "solve cache problems when loading a movie " This should help if you are using loadMovie or loadVars to load your updated content in a seperate .swf or .txt file.

ok, I’m kind of confused on how I implement it though.

If I just add it to my script wont I have to change the file names to have the added random number attached?


hmm, I guess I don’t. Kind of weird, I think. Thanks.

Only problem is that now that I have it stored in my cache, the change to solve the cache problem isn’t being updated. And I fear that all who have seen it will have the same problem. hmm, not sure how I will solve this.


Well if it is already in your cache before you made the change, simply empty our your browser cache and it should work.