registerClass nightmare!

I always had problems with registerClass. Ok here goes. I have a class named “page”. I want to assign this class to a movieClip instance on the stage named “container”. Note that I have created this movieclip dynamically after run-time (using createEmptyMovieClip). I use registerClass to assign that class to the movieClip, but then I lose all the properties for the MovieClip class itself (i.e. _x, _y, _alpha, _width, etc)

What am I doing wrong? I know how to do this at design time, by specifying the class name at the linkage properties window for the symbol, but you see, I’m creating the movieclip during run-time. Anyone??

in the main timeline:


the class:

dynamic class Page extends MovieClip{
 function Page()  //constructor
    trace("Entered Constructor")    //displayed successfully
    trace(_x)                             //undefined!!