Registration point on a dynamically created movieclip

Sorry for another question so fast, but I am hyped up again, and on a roll. I am wondering if anyone knows how to change the registration point of a clip generated in AS with createEmptyMovieClip – I have a simplified example of the problem at these addresses:\r\ (swf)\r\r[url=“”] (source)\r\rthis movie creates a new blank clip, “conch,” and then draws lines around a circle using various steps of increase in degrees and radius. When it is done drawing, I’d like the clip to rotate around its center of axis a few times, as shown in frames 4-6 of the source. Trouble is, it rotates around the upper left corner.\r\rThanks in advance for any help you can offer!!!\r\rShannon

you should place ‘conch’ in the center of the movie.\rthen draw the spiral around the center (not down and to the right).\rthen rotate ‘conch’.\r:) \rjeremy