Registration with PHP + MySQL

I did this tutorial from this site:

It tells me how I can let a flash movie check if people are registered.
I was wondering how I could add a function where people can register, so their username + password is stored in the MySQL database (instead of static users that were inserted by me, I want people to be able to add their own username + password)

Yes, I would create another section for the flash movie, ie a registration section. Then in that page, I would have a couple input boxes name, username, password etc. Have that information sent to a different php page, that writes to the datatbase that you are using on the other page. Where on the other page you are using a SELECT from statement, here you will use an INSERT INTO.

Its a pretty easy thing to do, esp if you understand what you were doing in that tutorial. But I would set it up as a new section of the flash movie and a different php page